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Rural Para-Health Professional

Anchoring healthcare delivery in Rural Economy -  connecting communities, health systems, community embedded organizations and support ecosystems to the Rural Para-Health Professional.

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Dashboard : Facilitate Nurses who want to return back to their villages and serve their own communities. 

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Tracker : Track upskilling of nurse assistants and volunteers to serve their rural communities.

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Upskill Nurse Assistants and Volunteers

Pratham 'Karona Apni Suraksha'

Noora Health : Basic COVID-19 and Vaccination Training

Jan Swasthya Sahayog: Upskill General Duty Assistants

Project NoFever : Communicable Disease

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A multi-lingual app to help community nurse-assistants to assess patients under home or community care.

Screenshot 2021-07-31 at 22-59-36 Women volunteers allay vaccine fears in Jharkhand – Vill

TRI : Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy

Acting as a bridge between communities and public health services, setu didis addressed the concerns of villagers and convinced them to get vaccinated

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Co-Live reaching out to 84 organizations, working on healthcare and livelihoods. Creating an enabling environment for the Rural Para-Medic. 

Program Wiki

Join us as we solve for rural healthcare delivery

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